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If you’ve spent time researching how to lose weight fast, you'd have probably heard about The 2 WEEK DIET™ by Brian Flatt– A Foolproof, Science-Based System that's Guaranteed to Melt Away All Your Unwanted Stubborn Body Fat in Just 14 Days...No Matter How Hard You’ve Tried Before! 

Meet Brian Flatt, Author of The 2 WEEK DIET™!

brianBrian Flatt, who is a world renowned nutritionist, personal trainer, and author with many years of experience in health and wellness field. The creator, Brian Flatt is also an author of various other popular weight loss programs which have received lots of positive feedback from users. Flatt came up with this program after combining his expertise, skills and months of research. He found a specific set of foods which actually helped his clients feel healthier, lose weight and avoid recurrent weight gain. With this Two Week Diet program, Flatt hopes to reach out to millions of people all around the world, and help them attain their weight loss goals in a safe and healthy manner.

What is The 2 WEEK DIET™?

The 2 WEEK DIET™ is a foolproof, health based diet system that is designed and geared to help users lose weight quicker and healthier. To be more precise, the system claims that it can help people with weight issues melt up to 6 pounds in 14 days without any of the ill effects.

The 2 WEEK DIET™ works by introducing users to total healthy eating methods, foods and techniques that are geared towards burning fat. In the system, Brian Flatt reveals a list of real, healthy, good wholesome foods that pack a fat burning punch and taste great too. All the foods recommended by the nutritionist are inexpensive and can be found at local stores and supermarkets. Brian even asserts that following his wholesome diet will actually help users save money since every meal is set in exact quantities for individuals. The 2 WEEK DIET™ is suitable for all ages, genders, ethnicity, diets and body types.

  • 8-16 pounds (4 to 8 kgs) of body fat vanished by using some of the quickest and most effective fat-burning techniques ever created. 

  • 2-3 dress sizes dropped in just 2 weeks… even if you’ve tried every other weight loss system out there! 

  • 2-4 inches removed from your waistline. Finally, you can start wearing clothes you really want to wear! 

  • Increased muscle leaving women toned and men sculpted. Achieve what usually takes months at unbelievable speeds. 

  • Decreased cellulite so you not only lose weight, but get tighter, more beautiful skin… without painful surgery or injections. 

  • Increased energy so you wake up refreshed, instead of feeling exhausted as with other programs. 

  • Improved cholesterol levels that keep you and your doctor happy. If you worry about your heart, this is absolutely key! 

  • Healthier, youthful hair & skin that look better than ever. Thanks to simple scientific techniques in this system, you can lose weight and look amazing all at once. 

  • A lightning fast metabolism that ignites your fat all day long, so you keep burning fat even while you sleep! 

  • Plus a long list of health benefits that will blow away your know-it-all doctor. He might even ask for your advice!

Whats Inside The 2 WEEK DIET™?

You'll be getting the system in 4 different handbooks. Let’s look at them:

Launch Handbook
This one focuses on how to lose body fat using authentic, scientific methods. It explains what causes obesity and how the weight can be lost. It also addresses some of the most common beliefs such as how having or not having a breakfast affects your body. Also, he offers opinions on some of the weight loss plans offered by experts.

Diet Handbook
It has got instructions about how to improve your diet. You can learn what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. Taking care of your diet is very important if you wish to lose weight. It has enumerated a number of food items that are effective for weight loss. It also teaches you how to prepare a meal plan to keep the wrong food items away from your diet.

Activity Handbook
This book is especially effective for those who have a very limited time and cannot dedicate enough time to exercise. It teaches some effective and easy exercises to have the maximum benefits. You only need to spare 15 to 30 minutes 4 to 5 days per week to see the results.

Motivation Handbook
Motivation is the first thing you need to have to lose weight. If you cannot convince yourself to put in an effort for your betterment, what good are your diet plans for. It teaches you some scientifically proven methods to learn control and focus. It will help you stay determined until you achieve your goal.

Benefits of The 2 WEEK DIET™?

The greatest benefit that this 2-week diet plan is offering is that it makes you lose pounds in just a small matter of time without any side effects to your body. No more waiting for months for a gradual process of weight loss now.

The second most important advantage that this diet plan gives you is that it never asks for strenuous exercise. With just a few minutes of brisk walking, you would feel the inner glow that would make you look great at the end of your weight loss plan.

  • 2 Week Diet Plan does not require and medication or supplements 

  • Simple to follow 

  • Provides enough information and guidance

  • Credible author with experience 

  • Lots and lots of success stories! 

  • Good reviews on multiple independent websites 

  • Instant download 

  • Guarantee for weight loss

Success Stories of The 2 WEEK DIET™?

*Disclaimer: Results may very based on individual

testimonial1Amelia Burned 5 Pounds in 7 Days!
“We had this big family reunion coming up and suddenly I realized… I was terrified. I didn’t want to go because I didn’t know what people were going to think. I had a really rough year, and I gained 30 ugly pounds of fat.

After starting The 2 Week Diet plan, I lost 5 pounds in the very first week! And it just kept coming off. By the end of the month, I had completely reversed a whole year of bad eating and laziness. I’m still losing weight weeks later. I can’t wait for Christmas!”

testimonial2Chris Dropped 17 Pounds in 14 Days!
"I never saw my weight gain over the years as a big problem, until everything fell apart at once when my girlfriend left me. Years of bad habits all came together at once and I was a mess.
After that, I tried all sorts of extreme diets that didn't work at all. That's when a friend recommended The 2 Week Diet to me and it's honestly changed my life. Even after reading it the first time, I was amazed to see how many things I believed about health and nutrition were just dead wrong.
After 2 weeks of following the diet plan, I lost a total of 17 pounds. It's amazing, I look great and haven't had this much energy in years. People have been telling me how good I look, and even my ex gave me a huge compliment last week. Ha, not that I'd take her back.

Thanks, Brian.”

testimonial3Diana Kicked 5 Kilos in the First Week!
I lost 5 kilos my first week on your diet. (I’m from across the pond… that’s about 11 pounds in America.)

By the end of the 2 weeks, I'd dropped 12 kilos. I cannot thank you enough. I don’t know why all the other diet systems fail to deliver these results, but I’m never going to waste my time on them again!

The 2 Week Diet has been everything I needed to get the body I’ve been wishing for all these years.

Thank you!”


The great thing about THE 2WEEKDIET™ is that you can actually begin the program in the next few minutes because have made all four handbooks available in PDF form, by Instant Download.

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In order to start my 2 week diet plan, can I know when will the same be received?
Immediately after purchasing the product, it can be downloaded to start with.

Is there a facility provided for the plan to be delivered at home or can it be downloaded?
Definitely, the product can be downloaded in terms of "high quality PDF format", which means that it can be used on any of the platforms, including the computer, phone or the laptop.

How safe is it to stay informative with you?
You can be rest assured about it as the customers' privacy and security is one of ours too.
We guarantee you that the transactions made will be 100% safe and secure as well as relied upon as that we do not accept any payment, but have hired a company called "Click Bank" for the same.

Can anyone perform this plan?
Yes, it does, irrespective of your age/weight. The results do keep on varying on different factors including your urge to follow the guide.

How do i rely upon the program not working specifically "on me"?
There is a provision of 60 day money back guarantee, for which the given instructions are followed by your receipt e-mail which means it is absolutely risk free. It also guarantees for no payment if the desire result is not obtained.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us. He will be happy to answer any questions, comments, or concerns you may have!